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proforming at your best

Managing Energy to Perform at Your Best;
Achieving a good mind-body interaction for elite performance is known as developing “coherence.” An excellent way to enhance coherence is to strike a balance between stress and recovery. There are many mental, emotional, and physical stress that can deplete our energy resources. For example, if something is “weighing on our minds” it can lead to cognitive anxiety and nervousness. When we are under emotional stress we can become angry and frustrated. Physical stress can lead to soreness and pain in the areas of the body where we carry the most physical stress: in the neck, shoulders, forehead, and jaw. If we are under chronic stress, in its many forms, and do not institute periods of recovery, we can experience a drop-off in performance – on the court, on the links, in business, and in the classroom. Therefore, it is imperative to employ various recovery techniques so we can bring our mind and body into balance and coherence.

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